Bon Manger
bon manger: loosely translated as v. to eat well

For as long as I can remember, the kitchen was the centerpiece of our family life in New Orleans, and all social activities revolved around eating and food. Celebrations of birth and death, good news, bad news, sublime and mundane, our lives migrated from kitchen to kitchen, then to restaurant, church, festival, party, parade and beyond, only to circle back again. Amidst a blur of activity in the passing of time, food was the constant thread that connected each experience.

Yet, not just "food" in the sense of sustenance... Great food, amazing food. Food that was lovingly prepared to elicit an emotional response. Food that danced around your tastebuds and made you hover around for seconds and thirds. Food that both created and complemented the memories that accompanied them.

Thus food has colored and shaped my entire existence, and influences my entire life: personal, professional and most importantly social. Food is an experience, not merely a means to an end, whether that end is good health and mental clarity or indulgence to excess. I tend believe that life is far more fulfilling when both ends of the spectrum are fully explored.

I therefore invite you to join me in the experience of Good Eating... consuming delicious and thought provoking food surrounded by memorable company, conversation, and atmosphere.

Let me feed you!

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